How well do you know your partner?

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To Understand Love is the ability to make sense of, and accurately interpret your partner's feelings and behaviors in a way that allows her to feel known. Understanding is an emotional process, not a logical process, thus it requires access to emotions, yours and hers. Deep understanding is what creates intimacy and sustains your friendship.

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Mark answers “true” or “false” ONLY if you believe it is accurate for both of you.
We both feel safe to share our deepest fears with each other.*
We feel accepted by one another exactly as we are.*
We have compatible views/choice-making about balancing our relationship with other commitments (work, kids, hobbies, social time, etc.)*
We have similar views about the importance of, and roles of, our respective families in our life together.*
We view our relationship as a beautiful love-story that we both longed to experience before meeting one another.*
We have a deep understanding of what makes one another feel joyful and alive.*
We have similar values about money in our lives.*
We have similar values about the role of autonomy/freedom and togetherness/security in our relationship.*
We have similar values about sex in our relationship.*
We share a similar view about what “home,” means.*
We have compatible hopes and aspirations for our individual lives and for our life in general.*
We validate (express understanding for what she is saying) one another's thoughts, feelings and experiences, even when they differ from our own.*
We share similar values about animals/pets.*
We have shared values about parenthood and/or parenting styles.*

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