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If the motor of a relationship is to give love, receiving love is the fuel that keeps the motor running. Receiving love requires an open heart and the vulnerability to let love in. Receiving is how we say "yes," to love without obstacles, conditions, or doubt. Receiving Love works in tandem with Giving Love.

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Mark answers “true” or “false” ONLY if you believe it is accurate for both of you.
We are comfortable asking each other for help and support when we need it.*
We are willing to let go of misinterpretations of one another’s words/actions and allow each other to restate what is true for her when there is a misunderstanding that causes hurt.*
We are able to disappoint each other in order to take care of ourselves when it is healthy and necessary for our wellbeing, and the wellbeing of our relationship.*
We accept constructive feedback (when delivered with kindness and love) without becoming defensive with one another.*
We accept comfort from each other when we are hurting.*
We forgive one another for both big and small things when a genuine apology/repair attempt is made.*
We are comfortable receiving gifts from one another.*
We are comfortable asking for and receiving help from the other when it is needed.*
We openly share our needs with one another.*
We believe / expect that our respective essential needs will be met in this relationship.*
We feel worthy of being loved, even when we don't believe we've "earned" it.*
We are comfortable taking care of ourselves without feeling guilty.*
We are willing to pursue our dreams without fear of losing the other.*

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