Is your relationship sufficiently protected?

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When you Protect Love, you keep it safe from harm. This requires both partners to manage your emotions and to establish healthy boundaries to support the well-being of both yourself and your relationship.

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Mark answers “true” or “false” ONLY if you believe it is accurate for both of you.
We are accepting of one another and our differences.*
We only speak positively about one another and our relationship to others.*
We trust that we will always have one another’s back.*
We trust each other with finances.*
We trust each other with friends, aquaintances and co-workers.*
We trust each other with our secrets.*
When we are sick, we take care of each other.*
We can count on each other.*
We are honest with each other.*
We are loyal to one another and our relationship agreements.*
We support one another’s highest good, and biggest dreams.*
We feel secure in our commitment.*
We are both committed to ensuring we can meet our essential needs in this relationship.*
We treat our differences with curiosity and acceptance.*
We intend to make choices that “add to,” not “take away from” our relationship.*
We do not give energy and attention to distractions that will undermine our relationship.*
We communicate our thoughts and feelings openly, even when it is difficult to say/hear.*
We apologize when we are wrong or when we have caused one another hurt.*
We feel emotionally and physically safe and respected by each other.*
We feel safe to express how we feel about anything and everything with one another.*
We actively work to improve how we address our conflicts to minimize the damage to our relationship.*
We engage in meaningful (connected) conversations that involve the sharing of our inner worlds with one another at least once a day.*

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