Does your relationship come first?

Assess how well you are prioritizing your relationship. Get immediate results with the Love Code Quiz.

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When we Prioritize Love, we move from a mindset of "me" to one of "we.” When you have decisions to make, free time to spend, love to give, and interpretations to make, your love is the first to be considered.

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Mark answers “true” or “false” ONLY if you believe it is accurate for both of you.
We feel important to one another.*
Our relationship is the #1 priority in our life.*
We are accessible to one another 24/7 in case of emergency.*
We each take care of our body, mind and spirit as a way of prioritizing our relationship.*
We share the belief that for our relationship to be strong and healthy, each of us must strive toward being strong and healthy.*
We are able to tolerate disappointing one another in order to take care of our essential needs (like sleep, responsibilities, self-care, etc.)*
We consider what is important to our relationship and we prioritize our time, energy and resources for these things.*
When we have big news, we share it with one another first.*
We place the needs of our relationship above the feelings and demands of others in our life.*
We turn to one another for advice and suggestions.*
We communicate our commitment to and love for one another to those in our life, regardless of our fear of their disappointment or disapproval.*
We make choices that will add to our relationship and avoid making choices that will take away from our relationship.*
We consider one another our most trusted advisor in life.*

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