Are you giving enough love to your relationship?

Discover your love-giving power and it’s impact on your relationship. Get immediate results with the Love Code Quiz.

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Giving love is the motor of your relationship. You cannot get from your relationship anything that at least one of you is not giving. The more love you give, the more love you have.
Mark answers “true” or “false” ONLY if you believe it is accurate for both of you.

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We feel loved by one another.*
We consciously put energy into making sure we both feel loved by one another.*
We feel respected by one another.*
We express appreciation for one another on a daily basis.*
We feel accepted by one another.*
We respect one another’s opinions and beliefs.*
We comfort one another when we are upset.*
We consider one another’s feelings when making decisions.*
We listen to one another.*
We are verbally affectionate with one another.*
We hug, kiss and touch throughout the day.*
We express our admiration for one another most days.*
We cuddle or touch throughout the night.*
We experience positively passionate moments in our relationship.*
We make time for moments of intentional connection every day (eye contact, touch, conversations, etc.).*
We have sex frequently enough to satisfy us both.*
We have sex in ways that satisfy us both.*
We feel sexually desired.*
We put thought and energy into making one another feel special.*
We put effort into creating surprises for each other such as thoughtful gifts, acts of kindness, and introducing new experiences.*
We are mutually invested in nurturing, growing and protecting our relationship.*

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