How enjoyable is your relationship?

Assess how well you are contributing to your relationship’s enjoyment. Get immediate results with the Love Code Quiz.

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You can Enjoy Love when you take responsibility for creating positive, uplifting, and joyful interactions as well as incorporating novelty and surprise to keep love alive and a feel-good and satisfying experience.

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Mark answers “true” or “false” ONLY if you believe it is accurate for both of you.
We regularly make time for play in our relationship.*
We are happy to see each other when one of us walks into the room.*
We enjoy talking with one another.*
My partner is my favorite person to spend time with.*
We have a lot of fun together.*
We feel special to one another.*
We laugh a lot.*
We have inside jokes and playful behaviors that we do not engage in with others.*
We enjoy our free-time doing things together.*
We vacation / get away together (just the two of us) at least once or more per year.*
We enjoy running errands, and other tasks involved in day-to-day life, together.*
We share a similar sense of humor.*
We support each other’s healthy pursuit of hobbies and interests and enjoy seeing one another happy.*
Meeting my partner's needs helps me feel connected to her, not controlled by her.*
We find comfort in one another's company.*
We have a satisfying sex life that accomodates both of our desires.*
We encourage one another to engage in activities that fuel aliveness and passion, knowing our relationship benefits from this positive energy.*
We find ways to maintain our individuality/autonomy that add to, not take away from our relationship.*
We celebrate one another's successes with joy/excitement.*

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